Aztec Rodeo Hoodie



You can combine your love of horseback riding and Mesoamerican culture with our aztec rodeo hoodie, a cowgirl sweater!

  • Hood, drawstring fastener
  • 3D digital printing, original design with long sleeves
  • Made of polyester
Introducing the aztec rodeo hoodie! This cowgirl sweater is the perfect way to show your love of horseback riding and Mesoamerican culture.
The hoodie is made of a soft, warm material that will keep you comfortable all day long. It features an intricate aztec design on the front and back, giving it a unique and stylish look. The hoodie also has a relaxed fit, making it ideal for layering over your other clothing.

A beautiful rodeo sweater !

Anyone who enjoys rodeo and horseback riding will enjoy this hoodie. It is true that we can see horses and a bull’s skull at the center of the sweater, which give it the appearance of a cowboy sweater. Furthermore, this hoodie is available in two colors, red and blue. For a true cowgirl look, pair it with blue or black jeans, for example. As a result of its thick polyester composition, this sweater will also keep you warm on the back of a horse or during your evenings in front of the television. Whether you’re hitting the rodeo or just going for a walk in the cool autumn air, our aztec rodeo hoodie is a great choice for you. Order yours today!

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Aztec Rodeo Hoodie
Aztec Rodeo Hoodie
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