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A clever combination of comfort and freedom, the Aztec style lies somewhere between travel and history. No matter if you are looking for an Aztec jacket, an Aztec shirt, or an Aztec hoodie, you can find your happiness here.

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The Aztec jacket in the spotlight!

Unavoidable, timeless, and eternal… we can’t resist the aztec jacket.

Whether you choose it colored or plain, geometric or asymmetrical, white or colored, the aztec jacket will highlight your look without neglecting your comfort, nor impeding your freedom of movement. This warm, elegant and classy garment represents wonderfully well the idea of freedom that we have of the Aztec style.

Aztec Bomber Jacket for Men


Western Aztec Jacket for Men


Aztec Pattern Jacket for Men


Aztec Shirt Jacket for Men


Aztec Denim Jacket


Aztec Jean Jacket


Aztec Fleece Jacket


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The aztec cardigan is on the rise!

With a folded collar or a straight collar, the aztec cardigan reinvents itself every season. We still love it as much as ever! 
Whether worn with jeans or chino pants, the aztec cardigan has the versatility to adapt to any occasion. When we’re on vacation, we like a colorful, stylish look; at work, we prefer a monochromatic, more neutral look. Whether you’re looking for a western cardigan or a classic cardigan, there is something for you. 

Orange Aztec Cardigan


Western Aztec Cardigan


Grey Aztec Cardigan


Aztec Cardigan for Men

Aztec Jacket

Aztec Jacket and Freedom

Among the Aztec style garments, the Aztec jacket will always hold a special place in our hearts.

When you wear it, you never leave it.

With its ample and fluid shape, the aztec jacket lies delicately on the curves of our bodies. We can assert our look while maintaining our freedom of movement with this chic and elegant piece.

It can be colored, unicolored, straight, asymmetrical, oversized, or cinched. It doesn’t matter what the cut or fabric is, the aztec jacket evokes vacation, the sun, a walk in the open air, and, of course, freedom.

Do you prefer geometric or western style?

But what is Aztec fashion?

Bringing together travel and romanticism, tribal and Mesoamerican art, comfort and refinement, the Aztec style is known for shaking up the fashion codes for generations. There is no doubt that when we think of Aztecs, we think of the Aztec civilization that lived on the American continent hundreds of years ago, the famous pyramids of Tenochtitlan, or the mighty Aztec calendar. Moreover, it is a Pre-Columbian empire with numerous rituals and human sacrifices devoted to the veneration of gods like Quetzalcoatl and the serpent god 🐍.

In short, you will have understood that dressing aztec is all about wearing comfortable and colorful clothing that allows you to move freely. By combining tribal, chic, and historical elements, it blends genres. It means dressing without following strict rules, in an effortless way. There will be some of you who prefer a classic colorful and geometric aztec style, while others will choose a western aztec style. To find out more about Aztec fashion, follow us on pinterest and get a sneak preview of all our new products!

Comfort, quality and originality is all we have to offer. And we’re not afraid to think that this ready-to-wear store will become your favorite ⭐.

Β At Aztec Spirit, we like loose, supple and flowing clothes, floral or ethnic prints and handmade jewelry. We prefer natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, muslin, or velvet. The same goes for colors that will want to be as natural as possible: white, beige, brown, green, red, orange… All shades of colors that are found in nature. 🌈 Finally, for the greatest happiness of all, our clothes are adorned with lace, embroidery, beads, buttons and bangs.

Our Blog

Aztec clothing and untamed look

When you hear the word “aztec,” what comes to mind? Freedom, conquest of the new continent, or indigenous tribes? What about beautiful geometric print jackets, fringed jackets, or colorful cardigans and shirts? You are right in both cases. However, one cannot exist without the other. In addition to being a timeless and relaxed style of dress, Aztecs have a real philosophy of life.

Is your freedom sacred to you? Are you not afraid to dream big, break codes, and dazzle the world with your positivity? If that is the case, then we can say that you possess a true Aztec spirit. In order for an Aztec soul to be perfectly in harmony, it must feel good about itself and the image it portrays to others. The perception others have of us is largely shaped by our clothing style, hence the importance of what we wear. 

Aztec Spirit is an online boutique offering a wide selection of Aztec clothing to help you create that harmony between your style and your state of mind. Aztec Spirit is for the true fashionistas as well as for the curious ones looking for their own identity.

You’ll find everything you need to create a wardrobe worthy of today’s independent and sensitive fashionista, from jackets to hoodies. Wear a great tribal patterned backpack, an aztec denim jacket, or geometric print shirts to bring out your cowboy or cowgirl side. Jewelry, rings, and earrings are must-have accessories.

Enough said, it’s time to get lost in our Aztec clothing collections to find the outfit that really fits you. Once your closet is full, you can always find us on our blog.