Aztec Fashion – The Ultimate Guide

Aztec Fashion

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably seen Aztec fashion everywhere around you – you probably even have something similar in your own wardrobe – yes, really!

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You see, Aztec fashion is pretty popular the world over, and it’s a definite crowd favorite because it has a little something to please everyone. No matter your preferences, the bold, colorful aesthetic of the Aztecs is sure to win your heart! There’s no denying that we’ve come a long way from the time of the Aztecs. Still, their dramatic fashion choices have certainly outlived their generations. Even the best of the best of our designers have taken inspiration from the Aztecs, which just goes to show just how versatile their patterns are! If you’re someone who wants to show their individuality while still standing out from the crowd, then this is definitely the type of clothing you need to invest in!

But if you’re wondering how the simple Aztecs became such huge fashion icons, you’re at the right place! Because we’ve put together the ultimate guide to Aztec Fashion, just for you! So read on to find out everything you need to know about this exciting trend. After all, who doesn’t love to dress up?

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So, Aztec fashion is versatile and wonderful, but what is it exactly?

Basically, it’s an expressive style that has its origins in ancient Mexican culture. They are particularly well-known for their creative style and exuberant culture, so it’s no wonder their fashions have become such hits among modern fashionistas! The look is characterized by exotic patterns and loud colors combined with traditional fabrics like cotton and wool. It is a fun and versatile alternative to conventional clothing choices. It mainly constitutes repeating geometric patterns – and colors of all kinds! It is generally characterized by bold and vibrant designs and patterns, but there are some muted options available as well. They say that less is more, and it’s definitely true in the case of Aztec fashion! And if you’re still not convinced of the Aztecs’ appeal, you’re seriously missing out!

When you think of Aztec fashion, what immediately springs to mind is probably the image of brightly colored flowers or geometric shapes adorned with swirling motifs. But modern designers have done more than simply pay homage to the ancient Aztec heritage – they have absolutely transformed and redefined the look to suit contemporary tastes and styles. Now you can even be comfortable wearing Aztec patterned clothes and accessories. You can go for a casual and laidback or a sleek and glamorous look – the choice is entirely yours!

What Is Aztec Fashion

History of the Aztecs

The Aztec fashion hails down from the Aztec Empire, which was one of the largest empires to ever exist in America. It stuck around for almost five centuries, from 1300 to 1521 AD; thus, its expansive influence seems understandable. The empire was huge and covered an area of about half a million square miles in the Central Mexico region. The Aztecs were ruled by Nahuatl-speaking people and migrated to this area from the north of Mexico, after which they quickly adopted the culture of the natives.

And while we remember a particular style as the Aztec trend, not all Aztecs wore the same designs and symbols because their clothes were their status symbols. What we now widely recognize as the ‘Aztec fashion’ was what the wealthy Aztecs wore. The poor were not even allowed to wear such clothes. They were expected to stay simple. You see, the Aztecs followed a pretty strict social hierarchical system. At the top of society were the rulers who wore the most lavish designs. The nobility lived in grand mansions while the commoners carried out most of the menial work. Plus, of course, there were many slaves as well who didn’t have a say in anything at all. The commoners obviously couldn’t afford to sport such extravagant and elaborate designs as the upper class. They just wore plain garments made of simple fabric like cotton and linen.

Nevertheless, the commoners were very proud of their culture too! And they didn’t want anyone to think any less of them, which is why they would make up for not wearing designer outfits by wearing colorful jewelry pieces like necklaces and bracelets, and so expressed their love for their culture through their craftwork. It was just their way of life, and they truly thrived on it, which is why the Aztec culture flourished so widely and eventually became such an integral part of Mexican history. And thus, Aztec fashion was a lot more diverse than what we remember it as!

Moreover, Aztec fashion has dramatically evolved over the years. As time went on, more and more people adopted the style because of the way it looked. Even celebrities like Beyonce have been spotted wearing Aztec fashion, and many top designers have taken inspiration from the Aztecs. And now, you can find this fashion incorporated in many different fabrics and materials in hundreds of thousands of styles in shops all over the world! But it’s still a form of expression at the end of the day….just like art!

History of the Aztec Fashion

Why We Love Aztec Fashion?

Honestly, what’s not to love about the fresh colors and intricate designs of the Aztec culture? Because come on, they look good on everybody, so everybody’s gotta love them, right? Still, here are a few reasons why Aztec fashion is our favorite style:

Colors Galore

Aztec prints are available in all sorts of different colors, which means you can literally pick your favorite color and wear it every day. Not to mention, every color looks just as beautiful as the first one. You see, Aztec designers drew inspiration from flora and fauna of Mexico as well as the architecture, patterns, and glyphs from the Aztec calendar. The people were great admirers of color, and it reflects in the clothes that they designed – loud, vibrant, and unique!

Comfort First

Aztec fashion also comes in cardigans, sweatshirts, pants, and hoodies, which means you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort just to look good. You can let your inner fashionista wild while still wearing your favorite comfy bottoms and sneakers because Aztec is everywhere! Modern fashion has truly modernized Aztec style, and so you can actually wear the patterns any way that suits you. The options are limitless, and we bet you’ve probably already worn some Aztec-inspired clothes without even realizing it! Because yes, they are that common!

Unique & Versatile

The designs are based on different combinations of geometric shapes and colors, so the options are virtually endless! Every design is unique, yet all share an inherent similarity. Also, they are adorned on all sorts of clothing and accessory items that there’s really no questioning their versatility! In a way, the clothes each tell a story. They are a means of expressing yourself. Designers use bold, bright patterns to express themselves, and consumers purchase the pieces that resonate with them.

Aztec Fashion is Everywhere – Literally!

A Woman wearing aztec clothes

Now, Aztec fashion’s bold prints are pretty ubiquitous, and you can find them literally everywhere. From t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, and bottoms to even sneakers, scarves, beanies, handbags, and accessories, Aztec is all around us. And the best part is that they look fantastic either way! Aztec printed tops and bottoms are very commonplace, and sometimes they’re even available in matching sets. Even skirts look pretty cute in the bold, vibrant Aztec prints. These are especially popular in winter collections, wherein colorful, vibrant prints are always on-trend. Still, there are other designs that are somewhat subdued and look great in the fall as well. And since they work well all year round, it’s no wonder you can find the prints on all sorts of items.

Traditional western wear also features Aztec graphic designs all too often. As for dresses, they also come in different colors and designs and pair really wonderfully with neutral tones. And no, this trend is not just for women! Even men can wear Aztec attire because all sorts of menswear are available in the typical Aztec prints, even backpacks and handkerchiefs. So, men can enjoy the bold vibrancy as much as women. What’s more, if you’re an Aztec fan, you can even buy shoes, purses, totes, handbags, wallets, and cell phone covers with the print. And now you can even get nail art with the Aztec patterns.

How to Wear Aztec Prints?

Aztec prints pair best with neutral tones and solid colors. Overall, they are pretty versatile and go well with almost anything from skirts to even denim jeans. But when wearing such prints, try to keep it simple by pairing them with simple, plain colors. The key to accessorizing with prints is to keep it to a minimum. You want the focus to remain on the print rather than mixing different patterns in the same outfit. This ensures a streamlined look which otherwise might have seemed like a little too much. Still, you can pair Aztec apparel with all types of accessories like handbags, jewelry, belts, shoes, and even sunglasses – just try to opt for more solid colors. Remember, you want to keep your accessories from competing with the Aztec print look. You simply want to incorporate everything together into the overall look and feel of the outfit.

Also, when styling an outfit with an Aztec print, try to choose colors that complement both the hues of the Aztec fabric and the undertones of your skin. This will ensure that the print pops just enough without clashing with the rest of your outfit. A great way to experiment with this trend is to opt for a plain, solid-colored top like white, black, gray, or khaki because this will immediately set the stage for a bold, printed skirt or bottom. You can then also color-coordinate your accessories with the top. And for an even more casual look, you can go for a pair of plain jeans and accessorize with a printed scarf and some fun jewelry that will definitely turn heads wherever you go!

To incorporate these patterns into your everyday wear, we suggest first picking out the clothes that you want to wear and then thinking of how you can include Aztec elements into the look such that it stays clean and streamlined. You can also try mixing and matching different pieces to see what works best for your personal taste and style.

The Bottomline

Aztec fashion combines different geometric shapes and patterns with funky, bold colors to create show-stopping fashion statements. It’s been around for thousands of years and, naturally, has also evolved over time to accommodate a wider pallet. The trend was a characteristic part of ancient Mexican heritage, but because it was so beautiful, it was quickly adopted by different people from different cultures. Plus, many celebrities and designers have also been spotted adorning the unique prints, and that has only further fuelled the trend’s already explosive popularity.

Surprisingly, the people of the Aztec Empire used these bold patterns to distinguish social hierarchy. Only the rich were allowed to wear extravagant Aztec fashion, while the lower classes could obviously not afford such expensive garments. Still, they did make do with what they could and used their craftwork to create beautiful jewelry pieces to go with their plain cotton clothes. But now, the designs are so widespread that people from all walks of life can enjoy wearing the striking patterns. So much so that most people probably already have several Aztec prints in their wardrobe without even realizing it – because, yes, that’s just how commonplace the fashion has become.

These prints are available in all sorts of items – from shirts, bottoms, dresses, and skirts to even hair accessories, anil paint, handbags, wallets, backpacks, and so much more! Still, in order to make the most of the bold aesthetic, you need to be able to style it properly. The secret lies in creating a balanced look such that the focus remains on the popping Aztec fashion-inspired patterns, and the rest of the outfit simply complements it in a natural, subtle kind of way.

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