Orange Aztec Blanket



This sumptuous orange aztec blanket will make your home feel warm, inviting and refined. As beautiful as it is comfortable, it makes a superb piece of decoration.

  • Material: Polyester/cotton
  • Adapted technology for an optimal softness and comfort
  • 3D HD Design : Direct Digital Printing for an exceptional rendering
  • Small: 36 x 59 in
  • Medium: 36 x 71 in
  • Large: 36 x 83 in

Looking for a way to add a touch of luxury to your home décor? Look no further than the Orange Aztec Blanket! This sumptuous blanket is made of polyester/cotton blend and features an adapted technology for an optimal softness and comfort. The 3D HD design gives it a superb rendering, making it a beautiful piece of decoration. It comes in three sizes: small (36 x 59 in), medium (36 x 71 in), and large (36 x 83 in). So why not treat yourself to a little bit of luxury and add the Orange Aztec Blanket to your home today!

The motifs on this cover are largely inspired by Mesoamerican culture. It is true that the Aztecs decorated their temples or their clothing with geometric designs. It is a great way to add a little bit of history to your home by adopting this blanket. Furthermore, this blanket is not only beautiful, but it is also extremely comfortable, as it is made of ultra wide cotton and polyester fiber that gives it exceptional softness and ease of care.

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Orange Aztec Blanket
Orange Aztec Blanket
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